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Our knowledge

We put our experience in fleet management business at your service to improve your company workflow

Our history

Over the years Eteria has grown to become a well established company in Europe and to strengthen steadily ​abroad. 

Today, more than 250 companies rely on Eteria as a strategic partner for their vehicle fleet management activities. 

More than 2000 vehicles are connected around the world with Eteria devices on board, with the aim of improving their management and saving logistical costs.

Over the years Eteria technology has undergone continuous improvements, leading the company in a short time, to propose an innovative and differentiated offer compared to its competitors, and to achieve excellent results, in terms of expanding customer portfolio and higher level of satisfaction of existing customers.


More than 100 Companies has already choosen us as Strategic Partner

Today we have more than 2000 vehicles connected around the world with our devices, helping more than 200 companies to reduce fuel consumption, increase productivity, monitor fleet vehicles, manage car sharing remotely in keyless mode 

Eteria's birth

Eteria was founded in 2003 in Parma as a spinoff of the University by a group of young engineers passionate about technology, with the aim of using their skills to simplify companies workflow.


H3G Italy business partner

In 2004 Eteria became Business Partner of H3G Italy (now Wind Tre S.p.A.), about mobile applications development on the newborn 3G/UMTS network and about the first JAVA Enabled mobile phones. SUN Microsystem and the University of Parma was also part of the business.


Joining the SCE Group

In 2005, SCE Group in Modena acquired the majority stake in the Eteria spinoff, with the aim of focusing production around the CameraCar project: a digital video control system for moving vehicles.


Telemetry platform development and predictive vehicles diagnosis

In 2010 Eteria joins a solid partnership with Greengo SRL, the Italian dealer selling iCar0 city cars, built by the Chinese group XDY Electric Vehicle Ltd. Eteria designs and develops telemetry and predictive diagnosis platform used for BMS support, battery pack and power electronic components.


The carsharing platform is born

In 2015 the Eteria experience in the electric vehicles business grew leading to the partnership with Sharengo (CS Group SPA): the largest electric car-sharing fleet in Europe. Eteria developed the carsharing platform, bigdata, logistics platform and integrated vehicles telemetry solution.


Reached 250,000 customers

Eteria's partnership with Sharengo allows to reach 250.000 registered customers, 2000 managed cars, 5000 trips per day and 600.000 euros of monthly turnover. Vehicles used was ZD model D1 city cars coming from the Chinese company Zhidou Electic vehicles Ltd based in Shandong.

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Why choose us?

We offer customized and unique solutions designed just for you

We leverage our 15 years of experience in this market to tailor available services to your specific needs.

We help you to make the right choices

New technology integration speed and efficiency depend on making the right choices.

Our project it is the way by which you can reach your goals

The main target must be an improvement in terms of time and costs: Eteria products are created with the aim of making you to save money.