Opening doors sensor

sensore apertura portiere eteria

Opening doors sensor

When it is necessary to detect the opening of the truck loading door or the car driver door, it is necessary to install a wired magnetic contact (when CANBUS connection is not available). It consists of a pair of metal brackets, which open and close an NC electrical circuit depending on whether they are near or far each other.

Installation takes place by screwing the contact without cable to the moving part and the wired one to the vehicle chassis. Next cables must be connected to the Mobile Tracker device.

The GPS constantly reads contact status and records it on the server database. Sensor usage has two benefits:

Number of uses
It can be used to track the number of uses of a service. For example, number of times the door is opened to deliver goods, number of openings of the salt spreading device of a vehicle in the municipality, number of concrete jets of a concrete mixer, etc.

It can be used as alarm generator in case of theft on a trailer, in the cabin, inside a car, etc. In this second case, the event can be associated with a telephone number or email to send a report in real time ( SMS or email).

In the second case, the GPS should preferably be installed directly to battery (NOT under the ignition key) so as to be able to report the problem even when the vehicle is turned off. In this way battery energy consumption is more intense and must be taken into account when the vehicle is not used for a long time.

For any other kind of customization, Eteria is available to evaluate activity: additional functions implementation is generally evaluated as a special project.