Fuel gauge

sonda carburante

Fuel gauge

The fuel level can be read in two ways: via CANBUS (OBD2 or FMS), or via probe. Eteria supports both solutions.

The probe is a small circular metal plate to be physically inserted under the tank (or tanks), on the casing outside. Installation is done by gluing the probe in the lower part of the tank with adhesive paste, fixing it with a bracket and connecting cable to the GPS tracking device (Eteria Mobile Tracker). 

GPS reads in real time the fuel level and records it on the cloud. This level can then be used mainly in two ways:

  • Consumption analysis
    a chart view supports behavior analysis of drivers and vehicles: comparing different sources it is possible to identify drivers who drive more thrifty due to their driving style, least cheaper routes and vehicles more expensive of gas. This information can be consulted on the web and it remains available for three months
  • Alarm
    as an alert system about the fuel theft: when the fuel level drops too suddenly, control room alerts about the problem via email or text message

For any other kind of customization, Eteria is available to evaluate activity: additional functions implementation is generally evaluated as a special project.