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How to make paperless medical transportation

trasporti sanitari digitali

In today's increasingly digital world, companies managing ambulances and vehicles for medical transportation are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline tracking, communication, and overall fleet management. Visual Tracker is the application that aims to revolutionize people transportation management, offering a wide range of features in one intuitive and highly efficient app.

A single APP to know the vehicle's location, exchange messages, view work status, and generate invoices automatically.

Visual Tracker is much more than just a vehicle tracking app. This powerful platform allows you to monitor and manage every aspect of your fleets in real-time. Whether you need to track your vehicles' routes, check driver stops, or monitor their speed, Visual Tracker provides all the information you need at your fingertips.

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Follow vehicle movement live as if in an operations room.

With Visual Tracker, it feels like being in a virtual operations room, where you can live-track your vehicles from anywhere. This real-time visibility enables you to make quick and informed decisions to optimize your fleet operations.

Control driver routes, stops, and speed.

Visual Tracker allows you to analyze your drivers' routes in detail, keep track of their stops, and monitor driving speed. This not only enhances road safety but also helps identify areas for operational efficiency improvement.

Automatically record start and end of shifts, stops, distance traveled, and fuel usage.

Thanks to Visual Tracker, shift and stop management becomes automatic, saving valuable time. The app autonomously records the start and end of shifts, distance traveled, and fuel consumption, significantly simplifying the recording of these crucial pieces of information.

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Set up a shelter location, and if a vehicle exits at night, receive an anti-theft alert.

Security of your vehicles is crucial. Visual Tracker allows you to set up a shelter location and receive an anti-theft alert if a vehicle leaves the shelter during nighttime, ensuring the protection of your company assets.

Send and receive messages between the operations center and vehicles.

Communication is crucial in fleet management. Visual Tracker enables real-time text messaging between the operations center and your vehicles, ensuring effective and immediate communication.

Effortlessly manage dozens of vehicles on the road with just one office staff member.

Thanks to the intuitive interface of Visual Tracker, a single person can effortlessly manage dozens of moving vehicles, increasing operational efficiency and reducing the need for additional staff.

Onboard, the driver only needs to press the button corresponding to the current activity on the Visual Tracker app.

Using Visual Tracker is extremely simple for drivers. Simply press the button corresponding to the ongoing activity on the app to automatically record the work status.

Work statuses are stored in the operations center and can be checked at any time.

All work statuses are centrally stored and can be checked at any time, ensuring complete traceability of vehicle activities.

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Set work statuses: with just a button press on the mobile, communicate the vehicle's activity.

With the Visual Tracker app, drivers can easily set work statuses directly from their mobile phones, simplifying the recording of vehicle activities.

Transport documents are automatically generated based on work statuses.

Visual Tracker further streamlines the documentation process by automatically generating transport documents based on recorded work statuses.

Monthly grouping of transport documents and automatic generation of service invoices.

Finally, Visual Tracker simplifies financial management by grouping transport documents monthly and automatically generating invoices for the services provided.

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The office automatically receives activity details, already in Excel format.

Visual Tracker automates the vehicle activity recording process and automatically sends details to the office in Excel format, significantly simplifying data management.

A list of activities constitutes a mission: for each mission, a transport document is automatically generated.

Visual Tracker organizes activities into mission lists and automatically generates transport documents for each mission, simplifying document management.

The transport document is automatic and contains all the vehicle activity data.

Transport documents generated by Visual Tracker contain all the details of the vehicle's activities, simplifying documentation and reducing the risk of errors.

By assigning a rate, invoices for the customer can be effortlessly printed from the transport document.

Visual Tracker allows you to assign rates to activities and automatically generates customer invoices directly from the transport documents, simplifying the invoicing process.

But that's not all: if intervention is needed, the exact address can be sent to the vehicle.

Visual Tracker goes beyond tracking and management. If sending a vehicle for an intervention is necessary, the app allows you to send the exact address directly to the vehicle, optimizing intervention management.

If the vehicle accepts the mission, the navigator automatically opens to the sent address.

Once the vehicle accepts the mission, Visual Tracker automatically opens the navigator with the sent address, simplifying navigation and ensuring that the vehicle reaches its destination efficiently.

The only thing that will still surprise you is the price... incredibly low!

Visual Tracker offers all these advanced features at an incredibly affordable price, providing significant added value for companies managing vehicle fleets.

In summary, Visual Tracker is the all-in-one solution for tracking and managing medical transportation that offers a wide range of features in one intuitive app. With this platform, you can optimize your fleet operations, improve communication, and simplify document management, all at an incredibly competitive price. Don't wait, add Visual Tracker to your business today and transform your fleet management.

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