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Visual Tracker: the most popular smart driver terminal

visual tracker eteria smart driver terminal

Eteria, the internationally recognized successful partner for fleet management, presents its new and compact Driver Terminal: the Visual Tracker. Multitasking, robust and safe for fleets, it features advanced technological versatility that helps drivers and fleet managers increase work efficiency and productivity.

This new and compact Driver Terminal is available as Android App, already integrated with the Google telephone and navigator. Eteria's order management platform is fully integrated with Visual Tracker and provides a complete end-to-end solution at an incredible price for all fleets, especially those involved in delivery, maintenance, installation and repair activities.

Combined with Eteria's award-winning fleet management software, Visual Tracker connects drivers and businesses. It combines a number of essential functions in one device, including order management, two-way communication between drivers and fleet managers, remote navigation, which allows drivers to improve driving performance, work and mileage automatic recording, which helps you comply with legislation and policies.

With the ability to run on any Android device, increased ruggedness, and best-in-class navigation, the Visual Tracker assists the professional driver for both in-vehicle and outdoor use, even in challenging conditions. Ideal for van and small vehicle dashboards, the Visual Tracker is a long-lasting, cutting-edge device that supports Android 11 and future updates up to Android 14.

It is immediately ready to use: the user only needs to equip it with a SIM purchased from a separate reseller of his choice. Like a laptop, it's designed to perform any task. Like a smartphone, it's built to be simple and accessible.

"Driver support has always been an important element of our solutions. With the new Visual Tracker we are further innovating our range of services for the Eteria fleet. If you deal with last mile deliveries, for example, the Visual Tracker is ideal for improving your service and increasing your productivity", has declared Marco Serra, Eteria PM.

Visual Tracker at a glance:

  • Compatible with any Android device, both smartphones and tablets, also available for rugged high-strength devices, with buttons for always quick access to the main driver apps.
  • Full connectivity, including LTE (with SIM required) to use as a work phone, Android 11 with Google Services and Eteria direct Support.
  • Google Navigation, voice calls and Skype are integrated with the software
  • Optimized app to get the longest battery life compared to other similar apps
  • Delivery optimization and billing software for faster performance

The Visual Tracker is available online for purchase on the Eteria website and from the partner network. A free demo version is also available to be able to appreciate its features.

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