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Automatic scheduled maintenance

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Having a lot of vehicles in your fleet means having a huge number of maintenance activities to manage: car service, tire changes, insurance, etc. Nobody forbids you to enter data in an Excel file and get a reminder on your phone but a fleet management system also helps to improve things like this.

For each maintenance activity needed to the vehicle (service) you can define a note that will be automatically notified at the right time by email. Let's suppose you insert a note called “Car service 1”: just indicate how many km the service must be carried out, the current km of the vehicle and an email address. Each time that vehicle reaches the correct km to carry out the service, an email will be sent to the addresses involved.

This can be done for kilometric car services, but also about payment of charges such as insurance and road tax, which expire every year, or activities related to the working hours of the engine.

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