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Mobile Tracker

Main features

  • Vehicle location in real time
  • Vehicle speed
  • Past routes history on the map
  • Old routes information in EXCEL format
  • Mileage traveled for every vehicle
  • Points of interest management
  • Driver's stops detection and report
  • Vehicle behavior statistics in EXCEL format
  • Antitheft alarms and warnings


Mobile Tracker

Item number: 453301103

Eteria's Mobile Tracker is a complete localization service for vehicles with specific functions to simplify and enhance the vehicles activity, which includes:

- a smart device for collecting GPS coordinates, measuring 65x 57x 19mm (GPS and GSM antennas are fully integrated)
- a signal and power cable 9-36v
- an M2M SIM card for connection
- account (name and password) to login on Eteria management portal
- phone data traffic and portal use without limitations

Delivery time: in stock
Availability: 2500 pz
VAT: excluded
Shipping fees: Europe (ask for price)
Warranty: 12 months
Installation: Excluded


Control Room

Information is available through a web operations center. You need only an internet connection to follow your fleet and vehicles routes from your PC, large screen or mobile device. Consult your vehicles routes history, overlap routes of multiple vehicles and monitor the GPS tracking. Download positions, Events, Statistics, Stops and POIs reports.