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Automatic receipts generation and paperless business

bolla automatica delivery immagine

Generating working receipts (also called “bills”) is a time wasting activity, that needs precision and concentration. Filling out the bill roughly can create administrative problems and waste a lot of time for the company.

There are many ways to make your busienss paperless and reduce the time wasted writing job data. Eteria offers a simple and inexpensive one: Visual Tracker. It is an app for Android phones that allows you to easily collect all the information necessary to report the activity carried out.

For example in the image above, all fields marked with a red cross have been entered by the employee or automatically calculated by the system, and document just needs to be checked quickly. Visual Tracker has a set of buttons where the employee only has to press the one corresponding to the activity (departure, arrival to the customer, detour, lunch break, delivery, etc.) so that platform takes care of data recording and building the bill.

When specific information is needed (such as the customer's name or car kilometers number), these fields can be added using some input forms presented to the employee after pressing the corresponding button. All buttons are configurable the first time according to the business model.

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