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Main features

  • Route optimization to multiple depots, regions and drivers.
  • Easy and user friendly (Taking a class or reading of manuals are not required to use it).
  • Route planning that fits any third party program, workflow or company
  • Free updates included on platform license
  • Driver real time monitoring
  • Deliveries, addresses, written notes and pictures real time synchronization
  • Compatible with Waze, Google Maps and major third party software.
  • Free trial period available for 7 days


  • Suitable for any kind of business
  • Less time spent driving and more deliveries in the same period.
  • Saving on fuel, tolls and vehicle maintenance
  • Few drivers needed and few overtime
  • Less time spent planning deliveries for drivers.
  • Current and past drivers locations always available.
  • It doesn't need any expensive hardware: just a standard PC or phone; indeed the platform is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.
  • Software updates performed several times every month without additional costs to the user.
  • Support team via email, live chat or phone.


Item number: 017033002

If you are a courier or a delivery company, route planning is a crucial aspect of your jobThanks to tools like Route4Me, you can easily calculate optimal routes to consume less fuel and optimize vehicle efficiency. This route planning app allows you to efficiently plan deliverieschoosing the fastest route to save time and money.

Delivery planning and route optimization are essential for more cost-effective and efficient shipments. With a delivery navigator, you can strategically manage the logistics route, using a home delivery management app to optimize the delivery circuit. Delivery planning software helps you create efficient routes, ensuring that each shipment is delivered in the quickest and most cost-effective way possible.

If you manage a home delivery courier platform, a pickup and delivery app is essential. A delivery route optimizer can reduce transit times and fuel consumptioncontributing to overall fuel savings. Plan the route in advance and ensure that each package is traceable through advanced tracking solutions.

Whether you are an individual courier or a delivery company, using dedicated delivery apps and software can make a difference. Optimize your delivery circuit, reduce costs, and improve the overall efficiency of your service through route optimization tools and advanced delivery management software.

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Availability: Not limited
VAT: Excluded
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