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In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and efficiency, innovative solutions like YouMove are revolutionizing the way we approach mobilityCarpooling and car sharing, or carpooling, are becoming crucial to optimize vehicle usage and reduce environmental impact.

Managing a corporate fleet requires special attention. The combination of electric car sharing and corporate vehicle management becomes a smart strategy to to reduce operating costs and pollutionFleet monitoring through dedicated software is essential to ensure efficient vehicle use and optimal maintenance.

Purchasing carsharing software is a winning decision for companies. A shared fleet, managed through corporate car sharing software, provides flexibility to employees while simultaneously reducing the need for a large fleetAdopting ridesharing and corporate car sharing helps reduce traffic congestion and promotes a more sustainable environment.

Carsharing apps are simplifying how companies manage their vehicles. Corporate carsharing allows employees easy access to a shared carreducing the need for a personal vehicle. Fleet management becomes more efficient with specific software solutions, optimizing vehicle usage and simplifying maintenance operations scheduling.

The concept of car sharing also extends to electric vehicles, contribuendo a una mobilità a zero emissionicontributing to zero-emission mobility. Managing corporate vehicles, especially electric ones, requires careful planning and dedicated software for vehicle management. Carsharing platforms, both free-flowing and station-based, offer a sustainable alternative to traditional mobility models.



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Below is a description of the fleet administration interface operation, available via the web from a PC or smartphone, as well as the mobile app for renting vehicles.


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