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Mobile Tracker

Main features

  • Vehicle location on the real time map
  • Speed details
  • History of routes for all vehicles
  • Route reports in Excel format
  • Automatic calculation of traveled kilometers
  • Automatic work log with points of interest
  • Detection of location and stop times
  • Vehicle activity statistics in Excel, PDF, and HTML formats
  • Anti-theft alarm via app, email, or SMS


Mobile Tracker

Item number: 453301103

Are you looking for a reliable method to protect your vehicles and ensure peace of mind? Eteria GPS locators are the ideal solution. With a range of options to choose from, including GPS trackers, car anti-theft devices, and mini GPS locators, you can have total control over your corporate fleet or private vehicles.

The advanced technology of GPS trackers allows for precise location tracking of vehicles,, whether they are private cars or company vehicles. You can easily obtain information about the current location, the route taken, and even the driving speed. This is particularly useful for businesses looking to monitor their corporate fleets or individuals wishing to protect their vehicles from theft.

If you've ever wondered how to track a person or find someone's location, Eteria GPS location devices can be very helpful. By installing a "GPS sim card", you can track the real-time location of a vehicle or person through satellite tracking. This is essential for ensuring the safety of your loved ones or maintaining control over your vehicle.

Not only do Eteria GPS locators provide protection, but integrated car alarms and GPS anti-theft features add an extra layer of security. Locating apps make the process even easier, allowing you to access location data directly from your smartphone.

Whether you're looking to protect your private car or manage a corporate fleet, GPS locators and satellite tracking systems are essential tools. With a wide range of devices availablethanks to Eteria, you can find the right GPS locator for your needs. Investing in a satellite anti-theft or vehicle locator is a smart step to ensure the safety and protection of your valuable assetsi.

Delivery time: in stock
Availability: 2500 pz
VAT: excluded
Shipping fees: Europe (ask for price)
Warranty: 12 months
Installation: Excluded


Control Room

Information is available through a web operations center. You need only an internet connection to follow your fleet and vehicles routes from your PC, large screen or mobile device. Consult your vehicles routes history, overlap routes of multiple vehicles and monitor the GPS tracking. Download positions, Events, Statistics, Stops and POIs reports.